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Our company has taken a proactive stance to assist with mitigating the problems that have arisen due to Covid-19. These unforeseen circumstances have changed the way we experience the world of travel. Cover Me Clean is an environmentally safe, user-friendly seat covers. CMC covers are made to be used as a protective barrier to help minimize our exposure to germs. We believe that together we can keep our world as sustainable and safe as possible by taking the necessary steps needed to protect our planet. A company striving to be a global initiative to help eliminate harmful pollutants while reducing our carbon footprints. We have designed our covers for daily use on any seat imaginable, made from Premium quality hypoallergenic, disposable material. Our company has developed and manufactured a product that embodies the belief of protecting our environment and our greatest assets. Let’s get our world moving again, Come on have a seat, we’ve got you covered. dd a description here.

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